About us


“My dream is that Montepulciano’s oil becomes at least as famous as Vino Nobile. The road to understanding, on a large scale, the qualities of EVO oil passes through serious promotional work."

I followed this dream and today, together with my sister Emanuela, we carry on the farm that my father Otello created in 1966, with great love and determination.

The passion for oil has led me over the years to specialize in this product. Although in my life I dedicated myself to other activities, for 20 years I have been present in the national list of technicians and experts of virgin and extra virgin olive oils and I have obtained the diploma of oil taster. In addition to tasting it, I wanted to specialize in its production, and for this I also obtained the diploma of oil mill technician.

The world of oil is still being discovered and is growing rapidly. There is a need for continuous study and great dedication. What is done with the heart comes to the heart.


When I was born in 1969 my parents Carla and Otello had already been working in the frantoio for some years, buying olives, pressing them and selling oil.

So they have continued over time, with many sacrifices but also with the satisfaction of carrying out a quality job, gratified by numerous customers.

After my studies, I dedicated myself to other activities, occasionally helping my parents, especially when the work was more intense; then, little by little, the passion for the oil mill matured and this led me to a life choice: for about twenty years now I have been working full time in the family business.

The first days were difficult, I relied above all on my father, from whom I learned techniques and secrets of the trade, but I also tried to grow thanks to my initiative, sometimes closing my eyes to identify the noises of the engines or making an effort to recognize the quality and characteristics of the oil. I have learned a lot in these twenty years, but there is still so much to discover. My aim is to continue this wonderful lifestyle with the foundation that has been laid in the past and with an eye towards the future.