Toscano Montepulciano PGI
Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Among the low hills of Montepulciano, in Pieve di Cierliana with a view of Monte Cetona, there is the olive grove in which our Corinna is produced. The name is a dedication to our grandmother, a woman with a strong and stubborn character but capable of transmitting infinite sweetness and love, who was born right on this farm. Almost all of our olive trees are Correggiolo varieties, typical Tuscan noble plants, that are generous with fruit and from which a robust and aromatic extra virgin olive oil is obtained. There is also a small percentage of the Leccino variety, also of Tuscan origin, which are very resistant and have abundant, constant fruits which yield an oil that is delicate, soft and with light aromas. It is on this farm that our Corinna extra virgin olive oil was born which, like its namesake, has a strong and decisive character, bitter and spicy, yet soft.