Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva

Toscano Montepulciano PGI
Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva

Among the low hills of Montepulciano, in Pieve di Cierliana with a view of Monte Cetona, there is the olive grove in which our Corinna is produced. The name is a dedication to our grandmother, a woman with a strong and stubborn character but capable of transmitting infinite sweetness and love, who was born right on this farm. Almost all of our olive trees are Correggiolo varieties, typical Tuscan noble plants, that are generous with fruit and from which a robust and aromatic extra virgin olive oil is obtained. There is also a small percentage of the Leccino variety, also of Tuscan origin, which are very resistant and have abundant, constant fruits which yield an oil that is delicate, soft and with light aromas. It is on this farm that our Corinna extra virgin olive oil was born which, like its namesake, has a strong and decisive character, bitter and spicy, yet soft.

Format :   0.500 Lt

Package :   In Bottiglia

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Sensory profile

Certifications: Certified by a Control Body authorized by the Competent Ministry - ITALY

Analysis: TCA Control Organism

Extraction: cold below 20°

Appearance: clear after filtering

Color: emerald green with very light golden reflections

Smell: broad and enveloping on the nose, it has great freshness and complexity of rich notes vegetables, fresh cut herbs, green tomato, thistle, balsamic hints of thyme, mint and wild fennel, elegant floral and fruity hints of green apple, with an artichoke leaf finish and almond

Taste: the taste is complex and extremely elegant, enveloping and very soft in the mouth reminiscent of cashmere, with strong vegetable notes that evoke spring, full of hints of green tomato, thistle, lettuce and artichoke persistence. These are followed by an intense note black pepper spice. Spicy and bitter, very persistent in the high tones, in extraordinary balance among the various flavors.


Pairing dishes

The contribution of this oil is decisive if not even covering, therefore its use must be foreseen a modification of the taste-olfactory structure; its strong flavor and its complex enhance the dish. Ideal on bean and chickpea soups and on all the typical dishes of the Valdichiana Senese such as: pappa al pomodoro, ribollita, pici with crumbs. Excellent base for ice cream, to be enjoyed with berries and basil reduction.