Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva

Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva

Our Vegan Extra Virgin Oil was born from a desire to respect life. In making it we avoid using any products derived from animals. The production of our vegan extra virgin olive oil is a more complex process due to high quality cultivars and a lower yield in terms of oil extraction. The result: an oil rich in polyphenols, vitamins and antioxidants, an elixir for health and well-being. We wanted to give a particular meaning to its image: for the label we chose the dandelion flower as a symbol of life: in order to flourish, one must detach oneself from one's origin, while preserving characteristics and treasuring heritage; face your journey without fear, ready to fight against the elements, to seize every new opportunity.

Format :   0.250 Lt

Package :   In Bottiglia

€ 12.00
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Sensory profile

Certifications: ICEA Control Organism

Extraction: cold below 20°

Appearance: clear after filtering

Colour: bright intense green

Smell: very intense of vegetable fragrances such as: artichoke, thistle, rocket, persistent note of tomato with a finish of white almond and peach blossom; fruity notes of apple.

Taste: complex and persistent on the palate with decisive tones of tomato, artichoke, thistle, it is delicate and soft, with good body, balance and harmony between spicy and bitter.


Pairing dishes:

the balance, the extraordinary elegance and softness, the strong taste and the broad structure make it excellent for the seasoning of any dish; excellent on artichoke carpaccio, on vegetable soups with strong flavors, on tomato salads and bruschetta. The contribution of this oil is decisive if not even covering, therefore its use must foresee the modification of the taste-olfactory structure of the dish.